Swarm Deploy Program

Adopt The Swarm and level up with a three-month training and implementation program designed for your team to learn and apply the Go-To-Network playbook. It includes all steps from network mapping, lead identification, and warm outreach to unlock the potential of your network. Sign up and work with a dedicated point of contact who will help you harness your network and increase your sales efficiency.

Train your team and get wins in just three months

  • Your "Go-To-Network Manager" meets with you up to once a week, trains your team on how to use The Swarm, and gets your wins in the process.

  • First, we help you migrate and combine your networks from LinkedIn, email contacts, former colleagues, and other sources. 

  • We then help you onboard your key team members, invite your stakeholders to your Swarm account, and combine all of their connections.

  • We work with you to identify target accounts where warm intros can be made and prioritize outreach by relationship strength.

  • We help your team run those campaigns all the way to meetings with qualified leads, hassle-free.

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Get started
Be strategic about recruiting.

We're all about
learning by doing.

We'll train your team and help you unlock the full potential of your company network.

Learn & GET WINS!

How it compares

The Swarm is a new kind of platform built to harness your network, shorten your sales cycles, unlock stuck accounts, and open new opportunities from your own company network. With Learn & Deploy, we train your team and take care of all the setup and some of the initial legwork for you.
Without The Swarm
With The Swarm
Swarm Deploy
Custom Training & Implementation
Run cold outbound
Find network leads
and reach out
We train your team
& get you some wins
Led by
You and your own
internal team
You and your own
internal team
Your dedicated,
fractional GTN Manager

Rapid ramp-up, visible results.

The full program lasts three months, renewable. The impact on your sales is visible in just a few weeks.
Network recruiting is a team sport.
Week 1 / NDA and month-to-month contract signed. We match you with a dedicated Go-To-Network Manager (3-5 years exp., trained and managed by our Senior Management).
Week 2 / We create your Swarm account with up to 500 seats and identify potential members. You then review and approve them. We write email invitations, answer any questions.
Week 3 / We map and migrate your networks creating your shared, searchable network on The Swarm. We then map your target accounts and build pipelines of potential leads for you.
Week 4 / We help you run outreach campaigns including intro requests and warm outbound with custom messaging. You get new meetings with qualified leads.

Loved by network-minded leaders.

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