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We're proud to partner with some of the best vendors and hiring solutions out there to help you source, interview, and close top talent. Learn more below and get perks from companies we trust.

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Embedded Sourcing Partner.

Kandidate's Embedded Talent Partners & Sourcers work alongside your talent team to enable them to hit their hiring targets. Their roll on, roll off contract gives you the flexibility you need at peak hiring times, and their fixed cost model saves, on average, over $120,000 on 10 hires.

Get 50 candidates sourced 100% free, no fees if you hire, courtesy of The Swarm. Find out more here.

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The candidate engagement platform.

Treat your candidates like customers. Guide is a new way to personalize your candidate experience, increase engagement and win hires over the competition.

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The interview intelligence platform.

Interview intelligence that transforms your quality of hire, reduces bias in every hiring decision, and unlocks new insights for teams to grow smarter.

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The talent marketplace for executives.

Continuum connects world-class executives with venture-backed companies for fractional and full-time opportunities.

Swarm customers: Mention The Swarm to claim $1,500 in credits for advising engagements with experienced startup execs. 🚀

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Join our early stage program.

The Swarm partners with top-tier VCs, accelerators, and incubators to give you discounted access to The Swarm (for new customers founded less than two years ago, with less than $10M in total funding).

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