Sales teams

Harness your company network for sales.

Trust is the deal accelerant.

80% of buyers don't want to talk to a salesperson, but would talk to someone they know and trust. That makes trust the most valuable currency you have.

Don’t cold email or call: Combine your team and stakeholders networks on The Swarm and lean on warm relationships to connect with responsive prospects and close deals faster.

Leverage intros and warm connections.

Create a shortlist of warm, qualified leads in minutes from your Swarm network, save them in a pipeline, then request intros in just a few clicks. Going through a connection, such as a mutual acquaintance or colleague makes prospects five times more likely to respond.

Tap into Work OverlapsTM

Coming soon: Expand your reach by adding people who worked at the same company at the same time as your members, but who aren't necessarily connected on LinkedIn.

Search your network by company.

Coming soon: Filter companies by employee count, revenue, funding status, and more, and find connectors that can make warm intros. This will help you find warm connection paths, find net new target companies within your warm network, or prioritize sales pipeline based on network connectivity.
Company profiles
"With The Swarm, we can create a shortlist of warm, qualified profiles in minutes."
Ian Yamey
Founder at Retirable