Sales teams

Harness your company network for sales.

Leverage warm connections.

Create a shortlist of warm, qualified leads in minutes from your Swarm network, save them in a list, then request intros in just a few clicks. Going through a connection, such as a mutual acquaintance or colleague makes prospects five times more likely to respond.

Tap into work overlaps

Expand your reach by automatically adding people who worked at the same company at the same time as your members, but who aren't necessarily connected on LinkedIn. It's a solid source of warm relationships that will instantly expand the potential of your network on The Swarm.

Search your network by company.

You can also search through all the companies in your Swarm by employee count, industry, and location (more filters are coming soon). Click on the company name for details, review connections, and find which relationship holder can make a warm introduction. This will help you find warm connection paths into your target accounts, find net new target companies within your warm network, or prioritize sales pipeline based on network connectivity. Ready to unlock more efficient growth? Get access now.
Company profiles
"We can create a shortlist of network leads in minutes. It's the most efficient way to run prospecting, period!"
Ian Yamey
Founder at Retirable
119,965 connections
Use case: Founder searching for high-value sales leads
Net new leads: 12+
Weighted sales pipeline: $36K
(12 x $20K ACV x 15% probability)
ROI: 12K
($36K pipeline / $3K Swarm license)
“I can instantly search through our combined +100k connections on The Swarm and find high-value, responsive leads."
18,766 connections
Use case: CMO looking for network leads for new product launch
Net new leads: 30+
Weighted sales pipeline: $22K
(30 x $7.5K ACV x 10% probability)
ROI: 12K
($22K pipeline / $3K Swarm license)
“We’ve already built five pipelines and identified hundreds of warm leads to jumpstart our product launch.”
112,851 connections
Use case: Portcos founders intros into sales target accounts
- Dozens of intros already made
- Speeds up intros by 5x vs. old manual process
- Additional deal sourcing leads, event speakers, etc. for 500
“We introduce a lot of our founders to warm connections who could be sales entry points for them.”