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Learn how top startups and forward-thinking VC firms use The Swarm to harness their networks.

20% more demos and 2X lead quality

With The Swarm, Ripe can lean on existing relationships and shared experiences, on top of fit and intent signals, to move deals forward and accelerate their growth.
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Specialized, network-driven hiring

Quorum1's use of The Swarm exemplifies how network-driven organizations can harness the power of their extended networks to enhance their operations, foster collaboration, and create more opportunities.
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Activating and expanding a VC network

As is the case with most VC firms, 500 Emerging Europe’s ability to help its portfolio companies hire and find new customers is based on the strength of their general partners’ and founders’ networks.
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Your network alreadyknows your next hire.

More real-world,
user-reported wins

Here are examples of user-reported wins from intros found and made on The Swarm across our recruiting, sales, and fundraising use cases.

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