The right hire is just a connection away.

Bring your network’s network together to source top talent.

Tap into the power of network recruiting.

We've built the first network recruiting platform, so you can systematically identify prospective candidates and tap into the massive potential of your network’s network.

Compared to candidates sourced from job boards, connections in your collective network are 85x more likely to be hired. Data shows they have longer tenures and receive higher performance ratings from their managers.
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Your network already knows your next hire.

Connect and combine your networks

Invite your team, advisors, and investors to add their connections via .CSV or our Chrome Extension. This creates a joint network we call Network Graph — your company's collective network.
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Plan for new roles

Add pipelines for roles you’re hiring for — both now and in the future. The Swarm uses Machine Learning to auto-match the best profiles for your open roles. Your team members can also manually suggest and vet profiles.
Plan for roles

Reveal top talent

See who's connected to potential candidates on your Network Graph. Search and filter through thousands of profiles based on your search criteria.
Reveal top talent

Screen for talent with enriched profiles

Filter and browse through profiles. Enrich them to get their verified contact information, work history, and relevant recruiting data. Coming soon: Comments, connection strength, and verification.
Access enriched profiles

Hire high-quality, trusted candidates

Collaborate with your team to vet candidates and move them through your recruiting pipeline.
Access enriched profiles