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Your network alreadyknows your next hire.

Your Go-To-Network platform

  • On The Swarm, you can combine and engage the connections of your team and external stakeholders, all in one place.

  • Stop sending cold emails or spend thousands on ads to "fill the funnel". Bring your company supporters together and get in touch with warm connections in your shared network.

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The features you need to work your network

Map your broader network

Map and search through your company network, all in one place. Control member access with role-based permissions.
Manage your network

Stay organized

Build lists that you and your team members can collaborate on. Use company and profile tags to organize your network.

Old colleagues,
new opportunities

The Swarm uses AI to automatically find and import a list of your members' former colleagues (even if they're not connected on LinkedIn). It's a clever source of connections that will instantly expand the potential of your network.
Find your work overlaps - The Swarm

Know who knows who,
and how well 🔥

You don't actually have to invite people to get started. Preview the work overlaps (current and former colleagues) of your stakeholders before even inviting them. We can also manually import a CSV of their LinkedIn connections if you don't want them to sign up for an account.
Know who knows who, 
and how well

Harness your network

Search through thousands of warm connections, all in one place with powerful filters. See which of your members are connected to the people and companies you want to meet.
Search your network

Send intro requests

Search through the combined network for intro paths to the people and companies you want to reach, and send templated intro requests in just a few clicks.

The power to reach anyone

Now you can virtually find anyone and look for an intro path to them across our 800m+ profiles and 40m+ companies.
Go beyond - The Swarm

Integrate with your CRM

Connect your Swarm with HubSpot, Salesforce, or Affinity CRM. See which companies are on your CRM and push companies at the click of a button. Coming soon: use filters from your CRM data to customize your searches across people and connections.
Your CRM data is securely processed and stored following ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II, and complies with privacy regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA.