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to work your network.

  • We've built the first Go-To-Network (GTN) platform, so you can combine and engage the connections of your team and external stakeholders, all in one place.

  • Stop sending cold emails or spend thousands on ads to "fill the funnel". Bring your company supporters together and get in touch with warm connections in your shared network.

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Invite your team, advisors, and investors to instantly import their connections from LinkedIn, Google, as well as former colleagues based on their work history (free with five seats). This creates a joint network we call the Network Graph.
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Start building pipelines you and your team members can collaborate on.
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Search and filter through thousands of warm connections, all in one place. See which of your members are connected to the people and companies you want to meet.
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Sort connections by connection strength. Review their contact information, work history, and relevant data. Add public or private notes to profiles.
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Send email intro requests in just a few clicks. Organize and track them in your pipelines.
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