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Your network alreadyknows your next hire.

Network Relationship Management is here.

  • Stop building long lists for cold outbound with low response rates, or spending thousands on ads to "fill the funnel". Bring your company supporters together and engage your warm, collective network.

  • We've built the first Network Relationship Management (NRM) platform, so you can combine and engage the connections of your team, advisors, and investors.

Get Started

Start your own Swarm

Invite your team, advisors, and investors to add their connections via .CSV or our Chrome Extension. This creates a joint network we call the Network Graph — your company's collective network.
Add your connections

Build pipelines

Create collaborative pipelines your team and all members can see and and suggest connections to.
Build custom pipelines

Search through your network

See who's connected to the people you want to connect with on your Network Graph. Search and filter through thousands of profiles. Coming soon: Augment your search by adding people who worked at the same company at the same time, but who aren't necessarily connected!
Browse and search your network

Review profiles

Filter and browse through profiles. Enrich them to get their verified contact information, work history, and relevant recruiting data. Coming soon: Comments, connection strength, and pipeline statuses.
Review enriched profiles

Contact leads

Send intro requests to your members to connect with candidates or leads. Collaborate with your team to move them through your pipelines.
Send intro requests