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  • Stop endlessly scrolling on LinkedIn, organizing sourcing jams, and spending thousands on ads or placement fees. Engage your company supporters and connect with talent they're connected to.

  • Save time and money while building a better team: Vetted connections are 85x more likely to be hired, 55% faster to hire, and stay 70% longer than traditional candidates.

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  • Invite colleagues, trusted advisors, and investors to join and securily import their connections.

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  • Vet your pipeline and connect with great candidates at a fraction of the cost.

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"Recruiting is one of the biggest pain points for startups. I've felt it across multiple companies I co-founded and I've waited 15 years for a platform like The Swarm. In the war for talent, I almost don't want other companies to find out!"

Vivek Sodera

"Your next hires are much more likely to be great if they're referred by people who already work at your company. The Swarm makes that process simple and scalable."

Kevin P. Mahaffey

"The Swarm tackles the challenge of sourcing and recruiting talent for startups in a more manageable, scalable, and capital efficient way."

Jason A. Scott | Partner | anim
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