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Trusted by more than 1,500 network-minded users.

Efficient growth, unlocked.

Your next hires and warmest sales prospects are just a connection away.
Build your own Swarm to harness the full potential of your company network.

Set up your team
add stakeholders
map your networks
Reach warm connections

The features you need to work your network.

Bulk imports

Bulk import

Powerful search

Powerful search



Team collaboration

Team collaboration

Intro requests

Intro requests

Connection strength

Connection strength

Work overlaps

Work overlaps



Build a powerful company network

The source of truth for your company’s relationships

Create your own Swarm with your team and external stakeholders. Search through your collective network anytime, all in one place. No more cold outreach or manual intro requests.
Plan for roles

Import connections seamlessly

Members can import their first-degree LinkedIn networks, Google Contacts and Calendar, and former colleagues in minutes. Our secure Chrome extension automatically imports new LinkedIn connections every week.
Expand your reach with work overlaps

Expand your reach with work overlaps

Find and automatically add people who worked at the same company at the same time as your members, but who aren't necessarily connected on LinkedIn.
Access enriched profiles

Send and track intro requests

Identify solid intro paths with our connection strength score, then send templated intro requests in just a few clicks. Voilà!

Loved by network-minded leaders.

Your questions, answered.

How do I get started?

Get access to our open beta here. Create your own team on the Swarm, and add members to combine your networks, build pipelines, and send intro requests! Start now with up to five members for free.

How is this different from LinkedIn?

We reduce the noise from LinkedIn significantly, offer additional import sources and data points such as contact information, combine multiple networks in one place accessible by different team members, and expand the discoverability of warm connections. Here’s what makes us different from LinkedIn Sales Nav and LinkedIn Recruiter.

Can I import data from other tools?

Yes! You can easily import your networks data into The Swarm from LinkedIn, Google Contacts, and soon from preferred ATS and CRM systems.

How much does The Swarm cost?

You can build your own Swarm for free with up to five members: Learn more about our pricing here.

Do you have a free trial?

Even better: You can build your own Swarm for free and invite up to five members. You and your members then add your connections from LinkedIn, Google Contacts, as well as former colleagues, to build a powerful shared network!

What’s a Go-To-Network platform?

The Swarm is the first Go-To-Network (GTN) platform. We give companies and investors the keys to their extended networks and the relationship data they need to accelerate sales, recruiting, and fundraising. Learn more here.

How do you handle personal data?

Learn about our commitment to data safety and security on our Safety Center. Our purpose is to help you harness your collective company network: We’ll never rent or sell your data to third parties for advertising or promotional use. You can also watch this short video for more details on how we handle imports and data enrichment.

How do you think about diversity?

DEI is an essential part of recruiting and company-building in general. In particular, we believe network recruiting can augment your company’s DEI Practices based on the foundations you’ve built. By hiring candidates from the network of your network, you’re directly reflecting the diversity of your network. Read more.

Do you offer discounts for startups?

We partner with a growing number of investors to offer first-year discounts to early stage startups. Learn more about our Early Stage Program and email if you have any questions.

Do you have monthly and annual billing options?

Yes! Our plans are billed either annually or monthly. Our pricing is transparent and all listed here.