We keep all of your information private, safe, and secure

Our commitment to keeping your personal and company information private, safe, and secure at all times is at the core of all our engineering decisions.

We strictly uphold responsible data practices so everything we build is private by design, and we strive to make our policy transparent and straightforward.

CCPA CompliantGDPR Compliant

Your people, your data

On The Swarm, you control the personal information and data about yourself, members of your team, advisors, investors, and any of your connections. We will never rent or sell your data to third parties for advertising or promotional use.

Ultra-secure infrastructure

We’ve built a secure by design back-end infrastructure hosted on AWS.
Your data is fully secured and never accessible outside of our servers.

Leading authentication mechanisms

We take a password-less approach to logging in — because passwords can't be stolen if they don't exist.

To authenticate users, we use OAuth's token-based authorization. This is a top-tier security solution that includes:

  • OAuth defends your application from bot attacks, as well as detecting anomalies based on suspicious IPs, breached credentials and user context.
  • Our system uses threat intelligence to help tackle automated attacks, such as credential stuffing.
  • It defends against velocity attacks in which multiple attempts have been made to access accounts.
  • OAuth detects pre-auth if login credentials are part of a published security breach.

Users can also sign into The Swarm using Google or Microsoft single sign-on — third-party authentication mechanisms that are among the world's most advanced and secure.

Role-based controls and flexibility

Control the data that's shared with each of your users. We let you set role-based privacy settings so that everyone has access to exactly what they need — and nothing more.

You also have the flexibility to control your data. Whether you want to save, delete, or auto-delete your data, you have the admin tools to do it at any time.

Continuous testing

We're continuously testing our platform's security. We have several penetration tests planned with third-party, independent security firms to ensure our platform security remains up to date and as robust as possible.

Audit logs

We never access your data unless you ask us to. In instances where we do need to access customer data in order to provide support, we log that access and regularly audit it.

GDPR compliance

Our privacy policy meets GDPR requirements, and our technical infrastructure ensures that all data collected in the European Union stays on EU servers.

Privacy policy

Follow this link this link to view our Privacy Policy.

Do not sell

Want us to remove your personal information from our databases? Please visit this page.

Secure integrations

Your CRM data is securely processed and stored following ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II, and complies with privacy regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA.