Engage your startup network for growth.

You know the people who know the right people.

As a startup founder or leader, you likely have a strong personal network. But it’s not just about how many people you know anymore, it’s about building and mobilizing your company network as a whole. Enters The Swarm, the single source of truth for your company’s relationships.

The Swarm lets you combine your company supporters networks in a searchable joint network, so you can find new opportunities for recruiting, for sales, and more.

Unlock efficient growth.

The "growth at all costs" era is over: Go-To-Network is the new Go-To-Market motion to help you harness your collective company network to grow and make your startup more resilient.

The Swarm offers a more cost-efficient and responsive talent sourcing and sales prospecting process that puts you in front of untapped opportunities in your network.

Build each other up.

The Swarm will help you organize your company network, nurture it, and use it for sales, recruiting, or other opportunities. Your Swarm is also a great place for networking and bringing your whole ecosystem together!

You can also grant one-on-one access to your network, so others can send you intro requests instead of asking you for referrals every time. Great for angel investors to share their networks with founders as well!

Companies you want to engage (and how).

On The Swarm, you can see detailed profiles of your combined connections, as well as company profiles.

Slice and dice the data to find target accounts you’re connected to by company size, revenue, employee count, and more.
You've automated what I have been doing manually for over a decade on LinkedIn.
Arjun Dev Arora
Managing Partner, Format One

Your network is greater than the sum of its parts.

Sell, hire, partner, and grow together. We can make it easy for your entire team to harness your collective network.
Network recruiting is a team sport.
Founding Team
The Swarm was built for a startup Founder, CEO, or CTO to tap into the connections of their team or company stakeholders and surface top candidates or leads faster than ever.
Recruiters & Sourcers
Surfacing top candidates among your company’s connections is now easier than ever. Ask vetting from employees connected to a candidate, find candidates’ contact information in seconds, and keep notes and comments organize in The Swarm.
Your sales team can know who you know collectively at a target account, find new intro paths, search for high-potential connections, all from within The Swarm. Goodbye cold outreach, hello warm relationships.
Hiring Manager
As a company grows, heads of departments become hiring managers. The Swarm makes it easy for them to access profiles relevant to them and take control of their own recruiting without wasting their team’s time or losing productivity.
Traditional employee referral programs put a lot of lift on individual employees to share job postings and source, vet, and introduce candidates. With The Swarm, employees can contribute to your recruiting efforts in mere minutes. No more awkward sourcing jams or "sourceathons." This is the power of network recruiting.
People & Talent Leaders
Tap into the power of The Swarm to foster more quality referrals, keep control of candidate data, grow your talent pool and hire the best team from your company network.