Our ethos

The Swarm is here to empower the world's connectors. They bring people and ideas together in new and meaningful ways. They understand that no great achievement is accomplished alone, and that the power of a network is greater than the sum of its parts. They're the founders, leaders, investors, and networkers who see connections where others see only boundaries. With connectors leading the way, the possibilities are limitless.

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Our vision

  • The Swarm is here to help connectors build, activate, and harness the untapped value of their own firm's collective network. Our vision is for a new type of platform we call Network Relationship Management (NRM).

  • Companies are built on networks, from the initial founder's network to introductions from advisors or referrals for sales. Yet the personal and trusted connections of team members, investors, and advisors are often siloed or lost in different systems. This creates inefficiencies in the company-building process, leaving untapped opportunities for recruiting, sales, networking, fundraising, and more. At The Swarm, our vision is to change all that.

  • It all started with recruiting: Co-Founder & CEO David Connors spent years developing recruiting methods and tools before launching The Swarm. At Sequoia Capital, he learned the potential of harvesting individual networks into a collective aggregated hive. That's something traditional recruiting tools, job boards, or social platforms like LinkedIn were never intended to do. The idea for The Swarm was born.

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Our Team.

David Conors



Co-Founder & CEO

Michal Bil



Co-Founder & CTO

Marek Skalik


Head of Engineering

Olivier Roth



Head of Growth

Hermans Flowers II



Head of Customer

Opal Franklin



Events Lead

Jan Zmuda



Product Designer

Sebastian Troc



Software Engineer

Radoslaw Kobus



Software Engineer

Mateusz Wyka


Software Engineer

Karolina Szlachtun

Karolina Szlachtun

Project Manager

Roman Jendrush


Data Engineer

Krzysztof Durbajlo

Krzysztof Durbajło

Data Scientist

We're supported by investors and advisors who led teams at game-changing companies.

Our values.

  • Own It.

    We take ownership over our work. We don’t wait for someone else to solve a problem — we’re proactive.

  • Be Human.

    We trust everyone by default. We’re transparent and don’t play games, and we have respect for everyone we work with.

  • Stay Curious.

    Never stop learning. Embrace change.

  • Grow the Hive.

    We build win-win relationships.

    We’re the rising tide that lifts all ships.

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Manifesto.

  • Diversify our own talent pipeline for leadership roles.

  • Implement an unbiased recruiting process.

  • Encourage hiring managers to expand their network to be more inclusive.

  • Coach and train our team and hiring managers.

  • Review our candidate pipeline every quarter.

  • Proactively identify and partner with diverse stakeholders
    (investors, advisors, customers & vendors).

  • Seek to include founders from diverse groups among our first customers.

  • Communicate with our community on DEI initiatives and results.

  • Proactively add DEI features to our product roadmap.

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