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Next-level people
& relationship data

Setting a new industry standard

  • Fresh data at scale. We've combined the best datasets available and layered our proprietary mechanisms to track, prioritize, and update profiles on a daily basis.
  • Beyond traditional data. We're building the first professional relationship API to programmatically explore the extended network around a company from former colleagues, to shared investors, education, and more.
  • More accuracy. Big data is about quality, not just quantity. To meet your needs, we focused our dataset on knowledge workers in North America and Europe. We also offer transparent and robust timestamps for job changes, profile updates, and refresh attempts
  • More resolution: With The Swarm API, you can retrieve profile and company details including current company, work history, contact information, skills, interests, and more. In total, we have 50+ data points that go far beyond LinkedIn profiles.

Prioritizing the data that matters to you

With The Swarm, you can track job changes for select profiles you want to focus on or sync tens of millions of profiles seamlessly.

We're already tracking millions of profiles and extracting the most recent and accurate job change information from that stream safely and legally and layer in on top of the standard public data sets from other data providers.

Our goal is a 14-day SLA for a job change event and 90% accuracy for the current company and current title attributes.

Raising the bar on data access

While other data providers limit the data that's actually accessible via their API, we offer full and complete access to all of our data points. We also aim to offer more flexible pricing and limits than other providers.

We're offering the following options to access our data:
  • Profile Search API
  • Profile Details API
  • Company Search API
  • Company Details API
  • Coming soon: “job change” webhook that will make following job changes within your professional network easy and accessible.

Focusing on privacy and security

We combine the freshest data from multiple cutting-edge data providers and run our own non-sensitive enrichment in accordance with our Terms of Service and Privacy policy.

The Swarm is GDPR and CCPA-compliant, and we have a secure-by-design approach to our data infrastructure.

SOC2 certification is scheduled to be completed in Q3 2024. 

We have dozens of reference-able companies and VCs already onboarded and using our API on an on-going basis.

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This is among the highest fidelity representations of people data I've seen. The Swarm is on a great path!
Head of Data & Data Science, Founder's Choice Top 10 Firm