About Go-To-Network

Go-To-Network (GTN) is a new category of products that help companies unify and nurture their networks and reveal new opportunities. The Swarm is the first Go-To-Network platform turning individual connections into a collective network.

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Go-To-Network is
the new Go-To-Market

Companies are built on networks, yet the personal and trusted connections of your people, investors, advisors, and partners are often siloed in disparate systems. This creates inefficiencies in the company-building process, leaving untapped value and opportunities on the table for recruiting, sales, and fundraising.

With GTN, fast-growing companies can tap into their expanding ecosystem in real-time and make the most out of relationships.

GTN can be used by any company looking to increase their competitive advantage in hiring, selling, or fundraising. It’s transformative for startups because it has the power to reveal potential opportunities in a network.

Why Network Relationship Management?

What factors are driving GTN?


When a company consolidates its networks, it automatically gains a competitive advantage. It allows recruiting and sales teams to leverage pre-existing relationships to reveal, approach, connect, and close opportunities — rather than chasing down cold leads.


GTN is built on the idea that real, human networks are a company's most valuable resource. Whether it comes to hiring or meeting new advisors or investors, we believe success comes down to the strength of your relationships.


People have been talking about harnessing networks for many years. However, until recently the technology didn't exist to make unifying and taking advantage of large company networks data at scale a reality. The latest advances in Machine Learning allow a new generation of products to analyze large amounts of data and give user automated recommendations on their network.

What are examples of GTN?

The Swarm is a Go-To-Network (GTN) platform. Our initial focus is in helping startups combine and manage the connections of their team and stakeholders to find top talent faster. This application of GTN to recruiting is what we call Network recruiting.

Here is an overview of the emerging sub-categories of Go-To-Network applications: