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January 30, 2023
Olivier Roth

Meet The Swarm’s Network Graph: Your Central Hub for Recruiting and Growth

At The Swarm, we’re bullish about empowering startups to grow their talent pools using the combined networks of their teams, investors, and advisors. 

After all, vetted connections are 85 times more likely to be hired, 55% faster to hire, and stay 70% longer than traditional candidates. And the same network approach that can benefit recruiting can also superpower your fundraising and sales.

However, when we talk about uniting the individual networks of your team, investors, and advisors into a single combined network on The Swarm, what exactly does that mean?

We’re glad you asked.

Your Network Graph is where the magic happens.

Building your Network Graph

When you join The Swarm, you can invite your team, investors, and advisors to add their connections from both LinkedIn and Gmail to your company’s Network Graph.

Your company’s full Network Graph is visible only to users that you set as either an Owner or Admin. Most startups will choose to include any founders, recruiters, and hiring managers.

Team members who contribute their connections to the Network Graph (but aren’t owners or admins) will be able to see their own connections in your Network Graph, but not others’.

Adding connections to the Network Graph

Not every valuable connection is present on LinkedIn, so we make it as easy as possible to capture users’ professional networks from multiple platforms. You can import an entire network to your Network Graph in minutes, rather than manually importing one connection at a time (as users need to do on multiple platforms).

Using our upcoming Work Overlap feature, team members will also be able to import profiles of people that worked at the same company at the same time as them to their Network Graphs — even if those individuals aren’t directly connected to them on LinkedIn. This expands the number of indirect connections that your company can reach out to when expanding its talent pool.

Overall, this workflow and process leads to considerable time and cost-savings when you compare The Swarm with other recruiting models.

Navigating the Network Graph

Once team members, investors, and advisors have contributed to your Network Graph, your owners and admins can browse the imported contacts and access enriched profiles (with individuals’ location, experience, industry, past experiences, and more) instantly. If someone seems like a good fit for a role, you can ask your team to vet them from directly in The Swarm.

If a profile seems like a good fit, add them to your Pipelines. All of your admins and owners can see and collaborate on your talent pipelines, making recruiting a group activity.

Keeping your data safe & secure

Our commitment to The Swarm users is to keep your personal and company information private, safe, and secure. Everything we build is private by design, hosted on ultra-secure infrastructure, and compliant with both GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act standards.

We will also never rent or sell your data to third parties. Our goal is to empower you to gather your data from existing platforms — including LinkedIn and Gmail — and use it to scale your company faster and more efficiently.

On The Swarm, you also have strict control over which users have access to your organization’s Network Graph. Use role-based controls to ensure that everyone has access to exactly what they need — and nothing more.

Want to know what else the Network Graph can do for you?

This is only the beginning. Companies can use the Network Graph to grow beyond recruiting: to uncover potential sales introductions, find advisors, investors, new partners — the sky is the limit and that’s The Swarm vision of what we call Network Relationship Management.

Startups are already using The Swarm to line up talent, make sales introductions, and discover new fundraising avenues. To learn more about what The Swarm can do for you, sign up for a demo and free trial access.