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June 30, 2023
Olivier Roth

The Swarm Open Beta is here (and it’s free!)

The Swarm is in open beta so companies can now instantly sign up for a free account, build their own shared network, and activate it for sales, recruiting, fundraising, and more.

More than 300 teams have joined the platform so far. We’ve watched them build and grow their company networks in real time. Here’s what we’ve seen:

  • By importing their LinkedIn networks, connecting their email accounts, and generating their Work Overlaps, users have imported close to 1.6 million profiles already.
  • Every user on The Swarm adds an average of 1,750 new connections to their company network.
  • The average team has a company network that features over 10,000 connections.

The Swarm allows companies to create a shared company network by inviting their team, investors, and advisors to import their connections into The Swarm. Those connections can then be leveraged for sales, hiring, and investment opportunities — and the results are promising. So far, users have described The Swarm as a “relationship goldmine”, the “obvious choice”, “epic”, and “scalable and capital-efficient.” That’s the kind of outcome they see when they pivot to a network-first approach.

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Over the last year, a looming recession, increasing inflation, and waning funding have forced founders to stretch their runways and pivot to more efficient growth tactics. Or, as author and four-time founder Scott Leese recently put it:

“Traditional go-to-market strategies are not good enough anymore. It's time to incorporate go-to-network strategies.”

As Leese describes it, rather than having your sales team spend time and effort on cold outreach, a go-to-network approach entails sending your investors and advisors a list of the accounts you’re trying to break into and asking to be introduced to any connections within those organizations.

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This type of approach is precisely what The Swarm is made to facilitate.

“The fastest growing companies are achieving 5X higher conversion rates to meetings and close to 3X higher win rates for sales, recruiting, and fundraising,” says David Connors, Co-Founder & CEO of The Swarm. “Instead of relying on cold outbound or spending massive amounts on ads, these companies are leveraging their network.”

Replace some of your expensive go-to-market tactics with a smart go-to-network process: Watch a 2-min demo and sign up for your five free seats.