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What's Network Relationship Management (NRM)?

  • For owners and admins

Network Relationship Management (or NRM) is a new concept to help companies unify and make the most out of their networks.

Companies are built on networks, yet the personal and trusted connections of your people, investors, advisors, and partners are often siloed in disparate systems. This creates inefficiencies in the company-building process, leaving untapped value and opportunities for recruiting, sales, or fundraising.

The Swarm is an NRM platform

The Swarm is the first Network Relationship Management (NRM) platform turning disparate individual connections into intelligent collective networks.

Our initial focus is in helping companies combine and manage the connections of their team and stakeholders to find top talent faster. This application of NRM to recruiting is what we call network recruiting. We're planning on expanding the scope of the platform and launch new products to make the most out of your collective company network in terms of finding new partners, investors, or advisors, and uncovering new sales opportunities.

Network recruiting is the first application of NRM

Network recruiting is emerging as a superior recruiting model for many startups. As you know by now, the idea is to meet your staffing needs largely by relying on your network, harnessing tools that allow you to tap into the community of people around you.

Network recruiting is built on the idea that real, human networks are a company’s most valuable resource when it comes to hiring new talent. Existing outbound and inbound approaches to recruitment can be impersonal and inefficient — their success depends on connecting with a vast number of people in the hope that a handful will be a good fit.

A network-based approach means you don’t have to invest huge amounts of time and resources into reaching as many candidates as humanly possible. Instead, you can leverage your network's network to reach the talent that’s already in your orbit. This has many unique benefits.

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