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The Swarm is the first network recruiting platform for companies to combine the connections of their team, investors, and advisors. This is Swarm Academy, a place to learn about network recruiting and how to make the most of The Swarm. For product tutorials and FAQs, make sure to check out our Help Center.

We've built The Swarm, the first network recruiting platform, so you can systematically identify prospective candidates and tap into the massive potential of your network’s network. Here's a glossary to help you navigate the platform:

  • Network recruiting is a new recruiting approach: It lets you tap into the power of your network’s connections to find high-potential candidates that are more responsive, faster to hire, and at a lower cost than traditional recruiting.
  • Connections are the people you or your company supporters are connected to and have been added to The Swarm. Typically, this will include connections that have been imported from LinkedIn and other future sources such as Google Contacts, as they become available on the platform. Anyone can see their own connections and suggest them for roles.
  • Pipelines can be created to build lists of candidates for job positions you’re hiring for (or planning to hire in the future).
  • Network Graph: This is your company’s collective network, where you will find the combined connections of all your team members. This is only available to the account Owner and Admins.
  • Team: a group of users in The Swarm belonging to one Company account.
  • Members: Users with an account on the Swarm platform.

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