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This is Swarm Academy, for you to learn how to make the most of The Swarm. For feature-specific tutorials and FAQs, please visit our Help Center.

Get started with the video above, and a few definitions:

  • Go-To-Network (GTN) is a new category of products that help companies unify and nurture their networks and reveal new opportunities. The Swarm is the first Go-To-Network platform turning individual connections into a collective network.
  • Connections are the people you or your company supporters are connected to, and are listed on The Swarm. This will include connections that have been imported from LinkedIn and Google Contacts, and other sources such as they become available on the platform.
  • Members: Users with an account on the Swarm platform that belong to an organization. They're split into three groups: Owner, Admins, and Contributors.
  • Team: a group of members on The Swarm, belonging to one account.
  • Network Graph: This is your company’s collective network, where you will find the combined connections of all your team members. This is visible to all members on a Swarm "Team".
  • Pipelines are lists where members can save potential leads and look for more by associating a saved search to them. They're visible by all members unless made private by the pipeline creator.

Next, we'll go over the multiple use cases of The Swarm, and how to communicate with your team, investors, and advisors to bring them on board.

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