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We’ve all been on the receiving end of a cold pitch from someone we don’t know. In fact, at this very moment, you likely have a handful of messages sitting in your LinkedIn inbox from strangers asking for 20 minutes of your time to try and sell you something.

Most of the time, those messages are deleted immediately. Not only will you not respond to them, but you probably won't even read them. However, if the message comes from someone you know? Chances are much higher that you’ll give the person a few minutes of your time.

Research shows that warm connections are invaluable in sales. Compared to cold outreach — which only garners a response from one in 10 B2B decision-makers — warm connections are 5.2 times more likely to return calls, and starting with a personal connection can increase sales productivity by up to 243%.

When you bring the power of networks into your sales function, you’re building a pipeline based on warm connections — dramatically increasing the quality of those leads and your chances of success.

Using a solution like The Swarm, sales leaders can:

  • Identify warm connections within their target companies
  • Identify net-new, high-quality leads to target
  • Prioritize target companies based on your team’s existing relationships

Taking this approach allows sales teams to leverage their team’s existing relationships to create a pipeline that’s warmer, stronger, and more likely to yield results.

Here are some tips on how to get started and quick wins for you:

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