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For years now, recruiters have realized the power of employee referrals. There’s a reason why tech companies will offer their employees thousands of dollars as a reward for introducing them to their next hire.

It’s because referrals are 85 times more likely to be hired than inbound candidates, over twice as fast to hire, and they stay with companies — on average — 70% longer than non-referrals.

The Swarm’s Network Graph allows founders and recruiting teams to benefit from those same outcomes, without having to ask their employees to do the heavy lifting of referrals: no more trawling through LinkedIn connections, suggesting candidates, and making introductions. Instead, employees, investors, advisors, and even friends can add their connections to a single Network Graph, and recruiters can browse a treasure trove of warm connections to add to their pipelines.

Rather than sending hundreds of cold emails to unvetted candidates, Network Relationship Management allows recruiters to fill their pipeline with warm leads that will be higher quality, faster to hire, and more likely to stay longer.

Check out the excerpt below from one of our last events featuring Melanie Tantingco, Former VP of Talent Acquisition at Vise, Nolan Church, Founder & CEO at Continuum, former CPO at Carta, and first people ops hire at DoorDash, and David Connors, Co-Founder & CEO at The Swarm, formerly Director of Recruiting Ops at Sequoia Capital.

Here's a short video on how to get started and think about the process of sourcing talent on The Swarm:

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