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We’re excited to help investors build their own investor networks.

In 2022, the global venture capital investment market grew to $233.9 Billion, and it shows no signs of slowing: in just five years’ time, the IMARC Group expects the market to more than triple to $708.6 Billion.

With more VC firms out there than ever before, investors need to choose their deals wisely and differentiate themselves to startups. Using the power of networks, they can do just that.

Using The Swarm, investors can make smarter decisions by using their previously untapped network to conduct due diligence on potential founders and back-channel references. They can also provide added value to their portfolio companies by giving founders access to their network, cross-pollinating relationships across portfolio companies, and identifying sales and talent opportunities on their portfolio companies’ behalf. Capital is a commodity, but your network is your proprietary asset that can differentiate you in the market, it’s time to put it to work.

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