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Network Recruiting Fundamentals

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Defining network recruiting

Network recruiting helps you tap into the power of connections to drive your recruiting and hiring. It can be used by any company looking to increase its competitive advantage in hiring.

It makes the recruiting process more efficient by letting companies tap into their ecosystem to build a trusted talent pipeline, faster than they might if they used inbound or outbound recruiting.

Check out the excerpt below from one of our last events featuring Melanie Tantingco, Former VP of Talent Acquisition at Vise, Nolan Church, Founder & CEO at Continuum, former CPO at Carta, and first people ops hire at DoorDash, and David Connors, Co-Founder & CEO at The Swarm, formerly Director of Recruiting Ops at Sequoia Capital.

Network recruiting vs. inbound or outbound

Inbound and outbound recruiting have unlocked amazing growth in the past — but they can also be labor intensive and prioritize quantity over quality.

Network recruiting focuses on building fruitful relationships rather than simply "filling the funnel."

Network recruiting is based on curated referrals from a collective company network of connections. It’s more efficient than traditional inbound and outbound recruiting, saving organizations tons of time and effort otherwise spent on going through countless candidate profiles.

Getting started

The Swarm brings together the collective networks of your team, investors, and advisors, letting you spark amazing referrals — at scale.

You've created your account. Now what can you do?

  • Add your own connections: Import your connections to start managing them all in one place.
  • Invite your team: Your account owner and admins can invite colleagues and any trusted company supporter in the company network. Pro tip: start with company leaders and hiring managers), investors, and advisors. Each invited team member will be able to add their connections and suggest them for roles. Voilà!
  • Create roles: The owner and admins can create roles. Contributors can see roles and suggest connections to them. You can create open or even "future" roles to start selecting high-potential connections for future hiring needs. Need a quick job description? Try our free Job Description Generator.

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