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Bring Your Team, Investors, and Advisors Onboard

  • For owners and admins

Leveraging the broader network of your company is one of the best ways to find talent, as well as connecting you with potential sales opportunities, and more. Here's how to get started.

Get your core team, advisors, and investors on board

Here are some examples of key people to invite initially:

  • Your founding team members are likely to have a strong network and one that is going to be relevant in your specific industry.
  • If you're using The Swarm for sales, we recommend to invite your sales leads and contributors, then consider close advisors and investors.
  • If you're using The Swarm for recruiting, invite recruiting leaders and their team, as well as department leaders that are recruiting — for example, if you’re recruiting for a finance role, it’s important to get all key finance decision-makers' network represented in your Network.
  • Inviting your investors and advisors on your Swarm is a great way to tap into their extended networks.
  • Then, consider inviting all of your employees and trusted contractors: Our vision is to allow you to create an org-wide network, to maximize the potential for intros and connecting with talent and opportunities.

How to announce it

We're here to facilitate your onboarding, but you might want to send a message internally as well. Here's an example you can personalize.

Hey team! We've recently launched our MVP/raised our initial seed round, now it's time to tap into our network/extend our reach/grow our team and we would value your help. One of the smartest and most efficient ways to grow is for us to tap into our mutual networks to extend our reach/find talent/uncover opportunities to make this company continue to keep hitting our future milestones.

[for advisors/investors: Very thankful for all the help that you have given us during the product development phase. In this next phase, we'd love to tap into your network to identify technical talent/identify intro opportunities.]

As a next step, we'll soon invite you to The Swarm, the platform we're using to create a broader combined network for the company. All you have to do is sign up to join the team, add your connections, and as we see exciting candidates or intro opportunities, we’ll confirm with you whether you believe they could be a good fit and make an intro. Watch for an invite and an onboarding session soon. Any questions, please let me know!

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