Estimate your yearly savings with The Swarm.


With a recession looming, keeping recruiting costs down is at the top of most talent acquisition teams’ to-do lists. For high-growth startups, bringing on new hires is necessary, but it can be costly. Here's how The Swarm can save you time and money!

Number of hires per year:
Internal team
External firm
The Swarm
Your Swarm yearly subscription cost
As low as $2.8k
Your total yearly hiring costs (see below)
As low as $8.5k
As low as $17k
As low as $34k
As low as $151k
As low as $185k
Your potential savings with The Swarm
Save $23k to $131.5k 🔥
Save $146k to $263k 🔥
Save $192k to $526k 🔥
Save $238k to $689k 🔥
Save $330k to $1.2m 🔥
Real cost per hire (A to E below)
A. Ads and job boards cost per hire
B. Additional internal recruiter cost per hire
C. Team cost per hire
Hours spent by hiring managers per hire
Hourly cost of hiring managers involved
D. Placement fee or commission per hire
E. Average cost of Swarm subscription per hire
To create this calculator, we looked at the average costs for each line item below in the United States:
Our data science team also estimated that:
  • With The Swarm, we estimated you only need to hire a recruiter beyond 20 hires per year.
  • Without The Swarm, we estimated you need to hire a recruiter beyond 10 hires per year, and two recruiters beyond 30 hires per year.
  • You can cut time up to 4X of managing campaigns, job boards, reviewing resumes, planning and in low-potential interviews. Hidden cost is the loss of team productivity and opportunity costs that can weigh on your organization.
Want to bring your cost-per-hire down? Consider adding network recruiting to your recruitment process. Network recruiting allows you to lower your time-to-hire, increase the quality of applicants, and improve your retention rates — all while bringing down your recruiting budget. Get access to The Swarm!