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Harness the collective networks of your teams, advisors, and investors to connect with top talent. Make your organization more resilient with a cost-efficient and responsive recruiting process that puts you in front of better candidates.  🚀

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What's the typical recruiting playbook?
Post job
(and wait)
Review (a lot) of poor applications
Resort to low-yield cold messages
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Your network already
knows your next hire.

  • As a startup founder or leader, you likely have built a strong network in your previous experiences. But you may find recruiting challenging and spend a lot of time on hiring activities.

  • The Swarm will help you organize your company collective network, nurture it, and use it to build the best team possible, faster and more efficiently than with traditional recruiting methods.

  • No more scrolling on LinkedIn for hours. Now you surface top candidates in minutes.

  • As a result, your cost-per-hire using The Swarm can be more than 10x lower than with inbound or outbound recruiting techniques.

  • It’s not about “how many people you know” anymore, it’s about “how many people all the people you know, know.”

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How does network recruiting compare to inbound and outbound recruiting?

In recent years, while businesses have changed, the way we recruit has remained the same in many ways. Many businesses still build their hiring process around old methods — building a funnel of candidates and aiming to connect with as many people as possible — with the help of marketing technology and digital advertising techniques. These approaches are well-established but they also have many drawbacks, like higher costs and lower efficiency.
Meanwhile, competition for talent has been on the rise. In this new business landscape, we need new recruiting strategies. Network recruiting is of the newest and most exciting developments — a new way of organizing your recruitment efforts that draws on the network of people around you instead of traditional outbound or inbound recruiting.
Comparing recruiting models
Network Recruiting
Example of tools
LinkedIn, Indeed, Hired
Gem, Dover, Findem
The Swarm
Average cost per hire (see our calculator)
Cost factors
Time-consuming screenings
Slow and manual process
Low response rates
High placement fees
Efficient network intros
Low subscription cost
Hiring process
Post on job boards and wait
Spray and pray cold messages
Build a qualified shortlist with your network
Pipeline building timeframe
Once role is open
Once role is open
Anytime / Ahead of time
Combined time to close
Quality of candidates
Strength of connection
Null to medium
Medium to high
Likelihood to close
85x more likely
Resulting employee retention
70% longer

Network recruiting is a team sport.

Make it easy for all of hiring stakeholders to connect your company with top talent.
Network recruiting is a team sport.
Founding Team
The Swarm was built for a startup Founder, CEO, or CTO to tap into the connections of their team or company stakeholders and surface top candidates in minutes. No more awkward sourcing jams or scrolling on LinkedIn for hours.
Recruiters & Sourcers
Surfacing top candidates among your company’s connections is now easier than ever. Ask vetting from employees connected to a candidate, find candidates’ contact information in seconds, and keep notes and comments organize in The Swarm.
Hiring Manager
As a company grows, heads of departments become hiring managers. The Swarm makes it easy for them to access profiles relevant to them and take control of their own recruiting without wasting their team’s time or losing productivity.
Traditional employee referral programs put a lot of lift on individual employees to share job postings and source, vet, and introduce candidates. With The Swarm, employees can contribute to your recruiting efforts in mere minutes. No more awkward sourcing jams or "sourceathons." This is the power of network recruiting.
People & Talent Leaders
Talent Acquisition professionals can oversee the company network (we call it Network Graph) and maximize the potential of every connection. Tap into the power of the network to foster more quality referrals than ever before, keep control of candidate data, grow your Network Graph to lead your team to success.

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