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The Swarm

Partner with DEI Organizations

Seeking DEI solutions outside of your organization can cure blind spots, offer a more robust diversity program, and help you build a more diverse and inclusive recruitment strategy.

1. Searching for Partnerships

Choosing a strong DEI partner can accelerate your progress. When it comes to searching for a DEI firm or individual consultant, keep in mind:

  • Experience. Do they have a history of working with companies in your industry or with a similar-sized staff? 
  • Values. Do they share similar goals and motivations for promoting DEI in the workplace? 
  • Approach. What does their timeline look like? Are they hands-on or hands-off, giving you space to take on a leadership role under their supervision?

2. Partnering for Startup Recruitment 

Some DEI firms and consultants specialize in recruitment, and many work with startups. These partnerships will help your HR staff eliminate bias and establish a DEI-friendly hiring process.

There are several professional organizations and job boards that promote diverse hiring. Develop lasting partnerships with these groups to establish a steady recruitment channel:

  • Diversity.com is an Atlanta-based, black-owned job board for professionals in science, technology, and medicine.
  • DiversityJobs integrates with several ATSs and gives you access to over 5000 job seekers from underrepresented communities.
  • Out in Tech connects members of the LGBTQ+ community with jobs in tech. Instead of posting on a job board, partner with their corporate team to get access to their email list.

3. Internal Partnerships

Within your company, dedicate a team to regularly audit DEI practices and set new goals.

Pull from leadership, management, and junior roles to expand the committee’s impact and represent all levels of your business. 

4. Committing at Every Level

Partnering with DEI organizations requires earnest participation from everyone, including senior and junior positions.

Encourage individual research by providing a resource bank that covers current events and common issues regarding DEI. 

5. Relationship Building

Establishing a relationship with your DEI partner is about more than just checking a box. Make a concerted effort to provide (and openly receive) constructive feedback, avoid token representation, and involve stakeholders at every opportunity.

Remember, actions speak louder than words. Demonstrate your commitment to fostering a more inclusive workplace by actively engaging your DEI partners in discussions and workshops.

6. Engaging Your Community

With your new DEI partner, brainstorm a couple ways you can level up your social impact. Try these strategies to expand your reach beyond the (virtual) office:

  • Host an industry-wide conference to discuss DEI initiatives.
  • Dedicate one day each quarter to a staff-wide volunteering event. If your team works remotely, encourage employees to volunteer locally.

Your goal is to raise awareness of issues outside the workplace that translate to professional situations. Prompt employees to discuss what they learned and how they’ll incorporate their findings into their day-to-day operations.

Way to go! 

Making the world a more inclusive place starts with you. Keep it up!

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