Why choose The Swarm over LinkedIn or LinkedIn Recruiter?

LinkedIn is a great place to build a network and can help you find profiles for outbound recruiting. However, it isn't built to manage a joint company network. Here are three reasons to switch to The Swarm:

- LinkedIn doesn’t allow an aggregated view of multiple people’s connections. If you try to look for your connections’ connections, you’ll see only 10-20% of connections vs. 100% on The Swarm!
We’ve added more import sources such as Google Contacts, so you’ll be able to find many more profiles beyond LinkedIn connections. Plus, not everyone is active on LinkedIn. Some of the best people and technical talent aren't.
- Our upcoming “Work overlap” feature will change the game by also letting you add people you overlapped with at previous jobs but aren’t necessarily connected to on LinkedIn.

- The Swarm gives you the personal email address and more social media links for the majority of profiles on your Network Graph, not LinkedIn.
- We’re also working on adding more actionable data including a strength of relationship score and more.

- On LinkedIn, you can’t save profiles in Pipelines, and track progress, nor collaborate as a team on your LinkedIn searches.
- LinkedIn is primarily built for social content and advertising, not for network relationship management at the team or company level.

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    Spray and pray INMAILS
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    Search your OWN network graph
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    Build qualified shortlist
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Advanced Profile Searches
Common connections searches
Enriched profiles including contact info
NETWORK Graph (combined connections)
Company-broad vetting and collaboration
Current and future roles planning

Add your connections, instantly.

  • Import your connections from LinkedIn to The Swarm in minutes. Combine other import sources and start building your Network Graph.

  • The Swarm enriches profiles with contact information and more.

  • Invite your team, investors, and advisors, to add their own connections to your Network Graph. Go from hundreds of connections to thousands of profiles in days, and zero down on the relevant people.

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Import your connections, instantly.

The Swarm is the leading
Network recruiting platform.


Each member of your Swarm can add their own connections, creating a powerful joint network.

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See who is connected to who on your Company and filter through thousands of profiles based on your search criteria.

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Filter and browse through profiles. You can enrich them to access verified contact information and relevant recruiting data.

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Auto-match profiles to roles and work with your team to vet candidates, then move them through your recruiting pipeline.

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Many ways to tap into the power of many.

  • Search through your own connections

  • Look for profiles in your Network Graph

  • Filter by company size, industry, location, and more

  • Add people you want to meet to new pipelines

Many ways to tap into the power of many.