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Mapping out tomorrow's recruiting landscape.

We’re partnering with the top recruiting technology and service providers through marketing collaboration, resource sharing, and deal flow opportunities.

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Let's create the next startup recruiting blueprint.

Let's create the next startup recruiting blueprint.

We're inviting our partners to collaborate on content and events to build a better and ever-growing library of resources, and help startups hire the best team possible.


Ecosystem building.

Connecting and sharing networks is what The Swarm is all about. Let's meet and build a partnership where we can tap into each other's networks and create added value for our mutual audiences.

Ecosystem building.
Partner-friendly pricing.

Partner-friendly pricing.

The Swarm already offers discounted premium plans to some of the best technology and service providers in the business. Reach out to learn how you can join our list of "perks" available to our growing community.💰

"Recruiting is one of the biggest pain points for startups. I've felt it across multiple companies I co-founded and I've waited 15 years for a platform exactly like The Swarm. In the war for talent, I almost don't want other companies to find out!"

Vivek Sodera

"The Swarm is the ideal guide to startup recruiting I wish I had earlier in my career."

Melanie Tantingco
VP, Talent Acquisition |VISE

"Your next 10 hires are much more likely to be great if they are referred by people who already work at your company."

Kevin P. Mahaffey
Founder | Lookout